Saturday, December 18, 2010

Adding electric heat option to an RV's propane heater

Gary talks with Larry McGaugh of RV Comfort Systems about his CheapHeat system for RVs. With the system, an RVer can switch instantly from propane heat to electric powered heat, saving propane and money by taking advantage of electric hookups from shore power at RV parks. Learn more at the RV Comfort Systems website.


  1. Looking at the Cheapheat website I found that the suggested price is about $880. At propane price of 3.50/gal this equates to 251 gallons or about 9 full standard RV tanks of fuel. These are without installation charge which is estimated to be at least another $500 - or another 5 full tanks of propane. Do these numbers still really equate to "cheap" ??

  2. We currently have full timers using up to 10 gallons or more a week of propane, so when your talking about 300 to 400 gallons of propane that only equals about 2 years or less and anything that has a 2 year payback is normally figured to be a very sensible investment. That’s not to mention the convenience of not having to schlep bottles of propane back and forth every week or even worse is running out of propane at 3:00 am on a cold winter night.
    Larry (RV Comfort Systems)

  3. Just got back to the site here (long hiatus).
    Thanks for the reply, Larry, I now know from where you are coming to calculate affordability of this system. I DO agree that the 2-yr payback method is viable and offers good value. When we started full-timing in 2004 we experienced 5-months heavy usage of propane (up to 16-gal/wk). Your system – if it had existed then – would have been quite welcomed as temperatures were cold that year and heat pumps just don’t work that cold. If one stays in areas where it reaches that cold for several months then I would definitely recommend them looking at installing your system.