Thursday, December 16, 2010

Device automatically disconnects fuses in towed vehicles

Gary talks with Michael Workman from about its new device, the AutoFUSE, that automatically disconnects a fuse from a towed vehicle to prevent its battery from draining. The installation takes about 10 minutes. This video was recorded at the 2010 FMCA rally in Redmond, Wash., and runs about seven minutes.

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  1. We have and used a Brake Buddy occasionlly on our previous Toad which was a small pickup. We tow with a 35' Forest River Windsong 2001 Trition V10 and had little or no problems for the past 3 years with battery drain. We purchased a 2011 Jeep Liberty and have taken it on a short trip to our local pitstop for maintenance check before starting out this year. The Jeep manual says to disconnect the battery negative side when all other procedures are met before starting out on the road. The Brake Buddy requires the cigarette lighter plugs in the Jeep and the motorhome to be activd to maintain commjunication in order for the Brake Buddy to work.

    Problem: IF we disconnect the negative battery terminal the Brake Buddy will not work. What can we do to still use our Brake Buddy and not have the negative battery cable disconnected? Will the Jeep be damaged if we leave the battery connected and install a Toad Battery Charger? Is there another solution? the Jeep weighs 4700 lbs and is much heavier than our previous Toad and we need to control our Toad braking as we will be traveling through multiple elevations up and down this next year.